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Old money

The bathroom stalls in Eckhart Hall, where the University of Chicago math department resides, are made of some sort of gray, polished stone – it could almost be marble, but the color is pretty dull, so I’m not sure. The doors to the stalls are hardwood, with little antique-looking metal locking mechanisms. From the ceiling hang two energy-saver florescent bulbs, bare. Whoa.


I made the finals!

My caption made the final seven in the atheist bus sign competition. Cast your votes, people, and extra points if you can guess which is mine.

blog title

After casting around for a new title for the blog, I’ve settled on “theo-ethical interrogations of a stone”. Its provenance was my cycling through plays off the old title, just for fun, but it has grown on me, so now it’s here to stay. For an explanation of the old title, see here.


… is as enjoyable as I remembered it! Even a short trip around the local park was a blast. Real appreciation comes from walking with them for about twenty minutes, then going back to boots. The reduced effort from not sinking into the snow as much is great, but I notice just as much how much more stable and comfortable I feel walking with them. The small motions your feet need to make in deep snow when wearing boots, just to fight against the slipping and sliding, are as tiring as working through the deep snow.

I think at some point mid-winter one forgets what it is to walk without worrying about and fighting against your feet. Un-self-consciousness in a simple activity is a bit of grace.

I may need to get some of these…

Big changes, people, big changes!

I’ve been informed that my blog title is no good. I guess this doesn’t come as a major surprise — I had a hard time thinking of anything in the first place. But I guess I have to agree with the person who informed me of this, that the title does basically nothing to draw anyone to the blog. In addition, to be honest, the current title sort of falls on the ears with a dull thud.

I’d be interested to know if anyone out there ever bothered to track down the source of the blog’s title. Everything you need to do so is in the About page. The new title will get more explicit explanation, something I need to do more of. Whether it has been apparent or not, part of my enjoyment of writing here has been laying down various pointers towards a common project. To be explicit now: that project is being the church — see my inaugural post. In the future I plan to be more explicit, but I’m reserving to myself the right to at least hope that those who can put together on their own connections between this post on Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza and sermons and my first post (for example) will get more out of reading my blog than even I knew I put there.

At any rate, I need a title that will more explicitly signal the blog’s content and draw some more interest and interaction. While I work on finding one, the blog will stay here, but we’ll spice life up with some twists on my failed title. Enjoy!