… is as enjoyable as I remembered it! Even a short trip around the local park was a blast. Real appreciation comes from walking with them for about twenty minutes, then going back to boots. The reduced effort from not sinking into the snow as much is great, but I notice just as much how much more stable and comfortable I feel walking with them. The small motions your feet need to make in deep snow when wearing boots, just to fight against the slipping and sliding, are as tiring as working through the deep snow.

I think at some point mid-winter one forgets what it is to walk without worrying about and fighting against your feet. Un-self-consciousness in a simple activity is a bit of grace.

I may need to get some of these…

1 Response to “Snowshoeing…”

  1. 1 rosessupposes January 30, 2009 at 7:34 pm

    I’m excited!

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