Read Jean with me — you know you want to

CS009556Having several years ago been shamed by Marilynne Robinson‘s essays* in The Death of Adam into feeling I ought to stop having impressions of John Calvin without actually reading any Jean Cauvin (as she prefers to style him)..

Having also done nothing about it in the subsequent time…

Having an interest in filling a hole in my knowledge…

And seeing no future time when I’ll be more likely to undertake this…

I’ve decided to join in on Princeton Theological Seminary’s program, in honor of the 500th anniversary of Calvin’s birth, to read through The Institutes in a year. The details are all here, where they post the daily (except no reading on the Sabbath!) readings in text and audio form, which you can even import into iTunes or something like that. Reading per day is actually not too bad, maybe a few pages, and the pleasant female voice who does the audio readings (at a leisurely pace) took twelve minutes for today’s text.

So join me! I have a bit of catching up to do, but hope to be able to sustain this. I mean, why not toss in 12 minutes over lunch at least for the opportunity to be able to say I did it later, let alone what I might learn in the process?

(Oh, and mark your dance cards now for Church Dogmatics in 2018, the 50th anniversary of Barth‘s death. At the rate the Institutes are being read, CD will take about 4 years.)

*The relevant essays are “Marguerite de Navarre” Parts I and II — if I remember correctly, Robinson is trying to recover some sense of the influence Marguerite may have had on Cauvin as a sort of patroness.

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