Religious aesthetics in Jerusalem: II (Lutherans too!)

Also interesting for comparison is the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, the big Protestant church in the old city, just around the corner from the Holy Sepulchre. It was completed in 1898. Here’s the sanctuary interior:


the sanctuary in the Church of the Redeemer

the sanctuary in the Church of the Redeemer

It’s open, airy, spacious and clean. It also seems to be run in a rather more organized fashion than the Holy Sepulchre (for example, they actually post service times in case one might want to attend; I went to a nice English-language service as a result). Presumably, administration is also a little less contentious.

Is the church that builds once, preserves a fairly uniform aesthetic, doesn’t acquire religious detritus over the years (and dusts and conducts repairs) preferable? One thing is for sure: the Church of the Redeemer is totally out of place in Jerusalem. Not only does it looked like it was dropped full-formed from somewhere in Protestant Europe, the Holy Sepulchre is much more at home in a city which is itself crowded, haphazard, tangled, accumulated and sometimes dirty.


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